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                                 Richard Senges, MMR


Master Model Railroader # 483

Sixty Four years of model railroading.

RRs:  Oil Creek RR (1866) & Bath and Hammondsport RR (1900)

Focal Point:  Sawmill and Mill Pond Complex (25 SF)  

Scale: 1:87, standard gauge

Control: DCC NCE radio

Track:  Code 70 Micro Engineering and scratch built

Turnouts: Scratch built, Micro Engineering and Peco

Turnout Control: Tortoise and NCE Switch-It   

Oil Creek Rail Road - 100% completed scenery

Oil Creek Logging & Mining Company - 100% completed scenery

Bath and Hammondsport Railroad - 100% completed scenery

Large sawmill and log pond complex (25 square feet) -  100% completed scenery - see the Photo Gallery 

Wall Mural:  4' x 50'

Editor and Publisher:  Rochester Model Rails e-magazine

Editor:  Lake Shores Limited NMRA NFR LSD newsletter

Editor: MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter newsletter 

Scenery Consultant: Medina Railroad Museum, Medina, NY

NAPM Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager


Layout Tours on Request



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NMRA Achievement Program

Master Builder – Scenery
Master Builder – Structures
Model Railroad Author                                                                   Association Volunteer                                                                            Model Railroad Engineer, Electrical                                                   Master Builder, Cars 
Model RR Engineer, Civil
Master Model Railroader



Contest First Place Awards

National Craftsman Structure Show 2007  -  Photo of a Prototype Structure - Sawmill at PA Lumber Museum 
NMRA Regional Convention – Model - Oil Wells at Oil Creek
NMRA Division Meet -  Model - 1800s Gondola
NMRA Division Meet - Model - Oil Wells at Oil Creek                         NMRA Division Meet - Photo - Cass Shay #6                                     


NMRA Merit Awards

Hand Car Shed
Oil Wells
Oil Creek Coal Mine
1800s Gondola
Underground Coal Mine
1865 Densmore Oil Tank Car                                                                     Log Car # 6 - Grasse River Type                                                               Log Car # 7 - PA Barnhart Loader Type
Turnout, Crossover and Crossing


Note:   The Pennsylvania Road Marker shown on the upper right was co-sponsored by Richard Senges along with Sam Pees of Meadville, PA.   This sign can be seen along the highway four miles south of Titusville, PA.  The text  can  be viewed in more detail in the February 2007 issue of the Rochester Model Rails e-magazine.  


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Click on Image Above for Sounds of the
Oil Creek Coal Mine

Sound by I.T.T.C.
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