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Rochester Model Rails

  2016 Train Events  Calendar




                                     Medina, NY -          Exceptional Museum - Trains, fire, planes, boats, toys, military, etc. museum. 

                                                                       Large 2800 SF (14' x 204') HO scale model railroad. Largest in NY state. 

                                                                       Real train rides.    Info:


                                     Titusville, PA
-       Great Train Rides on the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad.

                                   Indoor and outdoor Oil Museum.    Info:

                                   Ride the original route of the Oil Creek Railroad in 1866 !   



 Rochester NY -      NY Museum of Transportation and the Rochester Chapter NRHS - Train-meeting Trolley Operations

                                   are scheduled starting May 23, June 5 & 20; July 17 (twilight operations); September 19 and all

                                   Sundays thereafter ending October 31.   Track cars will meet the Trolleys' on the other Sundays

                                   not mentioned above.    The NRHS Chapter will operate trains from the Industry Depot the evenings

                                   (6:30pm) of June17, July 15 and August 19.  All RMR readers are invited to enjoy the fun.      



 Leroy, NY -               Great Train Restaurant - the D & R Depot.  63 Lake Street (Rt. 19).  Open everyday 7am - 9pm.

                                     Info:        Phone (585) 768 - 6270 



 Livonia, NY -            Train Restaurant -  the Ember Woodfire Grill.   21 Livonia Station.  Food is

                                     exceptional.     Info:



                                     Shortsville, NY -      Train Restaurant – Depot 25 One West Main Street, next

             to the tracks on the south side of the road.  Phone – 585-289-3600.









January 10,                       West Seneca, NY - TCA Train Show, 10am - 3pm




January  30 - 31                 W. Springfield, MA - "The Springfield Show" - Amherst Railway Society Show at the Big "E" . sat. 9 - 5pm, Su. 10 - 5pm. 





February 27,                      Rochester, NY   - TCA Train Show, 10am - 3pm    




March 12                           West Seneca, NY - TCA Train Show, 10am - 3pm  




Send me your events list for 2016 !


















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