Alaska Railroad and Canadian RRs



Fall                                 A Pictorial Essay - The Rocky Mountaineer - Vancouver to Jasper, Canada   






July/August                 Photo Gallery - The Alaska Railroad


July/August                 The Alaska Railroad - Maintenance of Way Equipment 






Amy Colburn, Articles





Jan/Feb                          Cover - Amy Colburn giving painting clinic to the Tuesday Night Gang             









 Arthur Limes - Articles




Sept./Oct.                   The Many Life Skills Model Railroading Can Teach












Ask Doctor Dick – The Scenery Doctor





February                    Gravel Industrial Parking Lot                                                                 


April                             Scale Fall Leaves


June                            Plaster for Rock Castings


October                      Spices on Your Layout


November                  Backdrop Painting


December                  Basic Scenery Steps





January                      Rock Tunnel Liners


February                    Scenery Under Trestle Bents


March                         Conifer Trees - Realistic Scratch Built


April                             Peppergrass Trees – Making Deciduous Model Trees


May                              Furnace Filter Conifer Trees


June                            Commercial Pine Trees – Four Easy Improvement Ideas


July                              Rivers  - Construction and Use of EnviroTex Lite


August                        Forest in a Flash Scale Trees


September                 Rock Casting - Making a 10” x 87” Large  Plaster Casting          


October                      Rock Casting - Filling the Space Between Castings


November                  Wood Retaining Wall


December                  Layout and Scenery  - Minimizing the Expenditure






January                      Photography for Your Model Railroad


February                    Scenery Suppliers


March                         Wet N-Shape Cotton Craft Cloth and USG Hydrocal Plaster


April                            Model Railroad  - Basic Steps


May                             City Scape – Basic Steps


June                           Gluing Ground Foam to Tree Branches


August                       Tools – Doctor Dick’s Favorite Modeling Tools


September                EnviroTex Lite – Application and Advice

October                      Layout Improvement Ideas






January                      Plaster – Mix Ratios


February                    Gauge Vs. Scale


March                         Tortoise Turnout Control


August                        Painting Plastic Parts


September                 Sawmill Complex – Planning a Mill and Log Pond






Fall                              How to Mount Photographic Prints on Foamboard








Jan./Feb.                    More on Mounting Prints on Foamboard 


May/June                   Sawmill Flow of Materials






 Sept./Oct.                  Modeling Miniature Lanterns










Bath and Hammondsport Railroad + Hammondsport





January                      Color Post Card Depicts the B & H RR Depot at Keuka Lake, NY   


May                              Part  1 – The Overall Plan


June                            Part  2 – The Structures:

                                                                                   Lyon Brothers Grape Packing House

                                                                                   Ice House


                                                                                   Freight Depot

                                                                                   Passenger Depot

                                                                                   Wharf Shed

                                                                                   Band Stand

                                                                                   Boat House

                                                                                   Engine House



July                              Part  3 – The Trestle


August                        Part  4 – The Vineyards


September                 Part  5 – The Wiring






April                            Part  6 – Boathouse Dock and Floor


May                             Part  7 – Fishing Shack and Dock


June                            Part  8 – Passenger Depot






February                    Photos: Original Passenger Depot,  2nd B & H Engine House, Original Power House







May/June                 Hammondsport - 1800s Band Stand


May/June                 Hammondsport 1894 Power House - The History


July/August             Hammondsport 1894 Power House  - The Model


July/August             Cover - The Covered Wharf Shed - Hammondsport Yards


Nov/Dec                    B & H RR Yards and Keuka Lake - Views






Ben Brown Articles




May                                 Photo Gallery - The Steamboat Mary Ellen








Betty James Articles



February                         All Aboard - The Pullman Connection










Bill Brown Articles




January              Photo Gallery - The LARC - Model Railroad of Bill Brown    









Bill Carr Articles




August                             Modeling an Interlocking Panel - Part I


September                      Modeling an Interlocking Panel - Part II





April                                  Modeling an Interlocking Panel - Part III










Bill Estes Articles



March                              Modeling an Icicle Breaker Railcar





March/April                     RTV Mold Making and Resin Casting - Part I


May/June                         RTV Mold Making and Resin Casting - Part II


July/ August                   RTV Mold Making and Resin Casting -Conclusion







Bob Barker Articles




Summer                         Editorial - Oil Fields of Pennsylvania; Oil Well Eccentrics                        






March/April                   Chemung Depot






Bob Fewel - Articles





March/April                      Wheel set Comparison






Bob Hogarth Articles



March                                Scenes form the B & H RR model railroad of Bob Hogarth










Bob Lennox Articles





December                    Rare Earth Uncoupling





Sept. /Oct.                    Constructing a Wedge Building





Sept/Oct                 Scenes from the Model RR of Bob Lennox - Part I


Nov/Dec                 Scenes from the Model RR of Bob Lennox - Part II







Brian  Fayle  Articles




December               Painting Figures - My Shadows Theory







Building a Large 1:87 Scale Sawmill

and Log Pond Complex





September                 The Bibliography - Eastern and Western Logging   


September                 Part 1 -  Planning a Sawmill and Log Pond


December                  Part  2  -  The Benchwork






January                      Part  3  - Tools and Techniques


Summer                      Part  4  - The Dynamite Shed


Summer                     The 2007 Bark Peelers' Convention - Pennsylvania Lumber Museum - Sawmill


Fall                               Part  5  - The Boat House







Jan./Feb.                     Part 6 - The Slab Bin


March/April                 Part 7 - The Sawdust Conveyor


May/June                    Part 8 - The Circular Saw


May/June                    The Sawmill Flow of Materials (Ask Doctor Dick article)


July/August                Part 9 - The Log Unloading Platform


Sept./Oct.                     Part 10 - The Log Brow


Nov./Dec.                     Part 11 - The Edger







Jan./Feb.                     Part 12 - The Live Rolls


March/April                 Part 13 - The Trimmer and the Slasher


May/June                    Part 14 - The Log Carriage


July/August                Part 15 - The Lumber Transfer


Sept./Oct.                     Part 16 - The Log Haul


Nov./Dec.                     Part 17 - The Log Deck






Jan./Feb.              Part 18 - The Dry Rollway


March/April                    Part 19 - The Trusses


March/April                    Cover - The Barnhart Loader at the Log Dump Loading Logs


May/June                        Part 20 - The Steam Engine


July/August                   Part 21 - The Slab Conveyor


Sept./Oct.                        Part 22 - The Boilers


Nov/Dec                          Part 23 - Men and Housing






Jan/Feb                                 Part 24 - The Log Pond Catamaran


March/April                     Part 25 - The Scratch Built Sawmill Equipment


May/June                        Part 26 - The Dead Rolls 


July/August                    Part 27 - The Logging Caboose


Sept./Oct.                         Part 28 - The Log Car # 6 - Logging Car # 6 - Description and Drawings


Nov./Dec.                         Part 29 - The Log Car # 6 - Parts and Instructions






Jan./Feb.                           Part 30 - The Log Car # 6 - Finished Car  


March/April                       Part 31 - The Log Car # 7  - Prototype Images


May/June                          Part 32 - The Log Car # 7 - The Drawings


July/August                      Part 33 - The Log Car # 7 - The Model


Sept./Oct.                           Part 34 - The Lumber Transfer Car - Prototype and Drawing- Car # 1


Nov./Dec.                           Part 35 - The Lumber Transfer Car - Model - Car # 1





Jan./Feb.                            Part 36 - The Lumber Transfer Car # 2


March/April                        Part 37 - The Log Pond Docks 


May/June                           Part 38 - The Log Pond Dam and Revised New Mill


July/August                      Part 39 - The Sawmill RR Trestle


Sept./Oct.                           Part 40 - The Drive System - First Look


Nov./Dec.                           Part 41 - The Belts






Jan./Feb.                            Part 42 -  The Drive System - Boiler House


March/April                        Part 43 -  The Drive System - Old Mill 









Carl Cornish Articles



February                      Photo Gallery - O Scale Models by Carl Cornish









Cass Scenic Railroad, WV





December                     Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WV - Shay # 6 , Shay # 2





January                         Cass Scenic Railroad State Park - Heisler # 6






February                        Images of Cass Scenic RR






 Civil War Modeling in 1:87 Scale





August              Cover - Civil War Diorama at the Medina RR Museum  - Overview



September                 Cover - Civil War Diorama at the Medina RR Museum - Union Soldiers







Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad




Jan./Feb.      Guest Engineer Program, C & CV RR








 Danby, Ludlow & Springfield RR, Ned Spiller, MMR





August                         You Can Take It With You - Designing & Building a "Transportable" Layout - Part I


October                        You Can Take It With You - Part II


November                    You Can Take It With You - Part III






May                                 An Alternative Way to Wire a Tortoise Switch Machine


October                         Rutland/B & M Ball Signal on the D, L & S RR  -  Part I


November                     Rutland/B & M Ball Signal on the D, L & S RR  - Part II






Jan./Feb.                       Rebuilding the Danby, Ludlow & Springfield Railroad






Jan./Feb                        D L & S Progress report - Part I 


March/April                   D L & S Progress Report - Part II


May/June                      D L & S Progress Report  - Part III







Dave Armitage Articles



July/August                 Loco Conversion - On30 to HO scale









Dave Rouse Articles




April                                Photo Gallery & Cover - Crystal River Southern On30 Model Railroad







Dave Thompson Articles





November                     Dave Thompson's Award Winning On3 San Juan Train








Nov./Dec.                       The Kinzua Bridge - Destroyed






March/April               Depth of Field







May/June                 Scenes from the Rochester Model Railroad Club







David Barron Articles





August                        Painting Backdrops with Ease 











Decoders - How to Install in Older Locomotives, Dave Mitchell





June                              How to Eliminate the Hum in the Soundtraxx DSD-B3TSLC Decoder


July                                How to Install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Part I


August                          How to Install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Part II


September                   How to Install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Part III


October                         How to Install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Part IV


November                     How to Install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Part V


December                     How to install Decoders in Older Locomotives - Conclusion








Dick Roth Articles





May                            Going Going Gone - The B & LE RR







June                                 Plan Before You Build - Part I


July                                   Plan Before You Build - Part II


August                             Plan Before You Build - Conclusion  






October                           Building a Hot Wire Cutter - Part I 


November                       Building a Hot Wire Cutter - Part II


December                       Building a Hot Wire Cutter - Part III





January                           Building a Hot Wire Cutter - Conclusion






Jan./Feb.                         Hassle-Free Small Parts Organizer





Jan./Feb.                          Basic Wiring and Soldering



March/April                      The Beauty of Nail Polish





Doctor Duck




April                                   Alan Asks About DCC - The NCE Power Pro System


May                     Installing a Soundtraxx Decoder


June                                   Decoder Comparison - Soundtraxx DSD-B3TSLC vs. Soundtraxx Tsunami


July                                    Quality of Model Railroad Products






Don Young Articles




  Jan/Feb                      Railroad Sites of Ontario and Wayne Counties, NY







Duesenberg J Coupe




Jan./Feb.                      Building a Model 1931 Duesenberg J Coupe by Tom Kirn







Ed Seus Articles




November                   Scenes from the Model RR of Ed Seus










Frank Smith Articles




November                   Reminisces - The New York, Ontario and Western RR





February                         The Brienz Rothorn Bahn







Fred Cupp Articles



February                          Editing Model Railroad Digital Images - Part I


March                               Editing Model Railroad Digital Images - Part II 


April                                  Editing Model Railroad Digital Images - Part III






January                            Lap Sidings





Jan./Feb.                          A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane


March/April                      Salvage the "Impossible" Track Along the Wall







Gary Patterson Articles




June                          Building the B. Johnson Leather Works





March/April                Scenes from Gary Patterson's O Scale Model Railroad 






George Irwin Articles




May                           Virginia is for Layouts (Maryland and DC too) 










       Gerald Brimacombe Images





September                    Cincinnati Union Terminal Get a Facelift





November                            Cover - Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad - Loco Climbing to Cumbres Pass 





January                                Cover - Bath and Hammondsport Railroad - Passenger Depot



May                                        Cover - R & E Algerine St. Station, near Canandaigua, NY


December                Cover - Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, New Mexico





February                              R & E Rapid Railway, B & H RR Passenger Depot, Cumbres & Toltec RR            





March/April                          Cover - Twin City Rapid transit Company's Wood Street Car                                     








Gordon Fewster Articles




Summer                               Memories - Hojack and Ontario, NY 








Gordon Spalty Articles



February                             Things to Ponder - Modeling New England Railroads


March                                  What's in a Name - Modeling New England Railroads





May/June                            The Portage Oneida Model Railroad








H. O. M. E. S. Layout Tours




January                         H. O. M. E. S.  Layout Tour  - Hamilton, Ontario, Nov. 15, 2003









Jack Matsik Articles



August                               Modeling Freight Loads - Part I 


September              Modeling Freight Car Loads  - Conclusion












Joe Cordaro Articles




Fall                                       The S Scale Layout of Joe Cordaro






Joe Palmer Images




 May/June                       Photo Gallery of Joe Palmer - Cherryfield, Maine











Leo Adamski Articles





February                   Coupler Replacement - Step by Step - Interview with Leo Adamski


March                        Letter to the Editor


March                        Wheel and Car Maintenance - Interview with Leo Adamski 






July                                  International Car Exchange


December                      Photo Gallery - Mary - Land Northern Railroad






May                                  A Station for Siegel Street





March/April                    Siegel Street Revisited





March/April                Night Scenes






Lincoln Pinn Articles




September                       Lehigh Valley Shanty, Fish Creek, NY 


October                            B R & P Crew Shanty, Caledonia, NY





March                                Letter to the Editor - "Sociology of Model Railroading"


June                                  Touring the Floquil Paint Factory









Lou Nost Articles




January                     How to Decal Effectively 


November                  Proto 200 E8/9A










Martin Collard Articles



March                                 Photo Gallery - The N Scale Layout of Sy Diamond








Mark Rossiter Articles



May                                     Letter to the Editor  - "Sociology of Model Railroading"









Matt Kovacic Articles





October                         Scenes from the Oregon View Railroad





July                                       Aging Wood Siding





July                                      Cover - HO Scale Oregon View model railroad of Matt Kovacic


July                                      Photo Gallery - The Models of Matt Kovacic





March/April                        The Wood Cutter Shack






Jan./Feb.                              Matt Kovacic's On30 Model Railroad - The Planning





Medina Railroad Museum





August                         Medina Railroad Museum





May                                   Thomas the Tank Engine Comes to Medina, NY





July/August                    A Day Out with Thomas at the Medina RR Museum









Mid-Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild





July/August                     Scenes from the Kimberton Module Show, May 2009


Nov./Dec.                         Scenes from the Gardiner, NY Meet, October 2009





May/June                    A Fn3 scene  - Kimberton Show - Bob Hardesty's Model Logging Steam Donkey










Military Articles






Jan./Feb.                    Redball Military Transport Rally, Gilbert, PA, 2012   (Jeeps) 


March/April                 Tanks a Lot   













Model Railroad Post Office - Norm Wright





February                   New Railway Stamp Issued in the U K


March                       Number 1 - Dominica model train stamp


April                          Number 2 - Grenada Grenadines Oct. 1992


May                          Number 3 - Christmas, United States, 1970's 6 cents


June                         Number 4 - African Republic of Sierra Leone - Toy Train series of 1992


July                           Number 5 - Guyana 1992 Toy Trains


August                      Number 6 - Antigua and Barbuda


September                Number 7 - 2 - 2 - 2  Loco,  Germany "Semi-Postal" 


October                     Number 8 - Sierra Leone - "Model Trains" 


December                 Number 9 - Grenada Grenadines O-Gauge







March                              Number 10 - 4-4-0 Toy Locomotive - Czechoslovakia


April                                 Number 11 - Lionel 0-4-0 - Tanzania


July                                  Number 13 - Toys - Denmark







May                   Number 14 - Painted wooden toy steam locomotive - Canada 


June                                Number 15 - Transports of Delight - Great Britain


July                                  Number 16 - Toy wood steam train - Uruguay


August                            Number 17 - Children at Play - Poland


November                       Number 18 - Electric toy Train - USA


December                       Number 19 - Solomon Island Stamp





Summer                          Number 20 - B & O Tunnel Loco #5, Lionel, 1904 - Tanzania              


Fall                                    Number 21 - Europa Stamp - Great Britain                        





March/April                     Number 22 - Ives Train - Grenada


Nov./ Dec.                       Number 22 - International Day of Children - Poland





Jan./Feb.                          Number 23 - The New Hungarian Charity Stamp






Nov/Dec                            Number 24 - Santa Claus and Guyana





Jan/Feb                             Number 25 - All Aboard America" 1999 U. S. Issue


Nov./ Dec.                         Number 26 - Uruguay -Scott # 1668





March/April                       Number 27 - Tanzania #976 - Lionel Mechanical Handcars


May/June                           Number 28 - Peoples Republic of Congo


July/August                      Number 29 - Cuba - Dibujos Infantiles


Nov./Dec.                           Number 30 - USA 2-2-0 37 Cent Stamp 






Movie and Book Reviews





January                            "Playing with Trains - A Passion Beyond Scale"  - Sam Posey




Fall                                    "Boxcar Bertha" - Barbara Hershey and David Carradine









Narrow Gauge Convention





Sept/Oct                      2010 Narrow Gauge Convention, St. Louis - Best of Show








Nate Stones Articles





July/August                  Nate Stone's Clinchfield Northern Railroad - Part I


Sept./Oct.                     Nate Stone's Clinchfield Northern Railroad - Part II















National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)





November                  NMRA MMR   Vs.   CARM CRC  






November                       NMRA - NFR Lakeshores Division 2005 Fall Meet, Canandaigua, NY






May/June                        NMRA - Niagara Frontier Regional Convention


Nov./Dec.                        NMRA LSD Fall Meet 2008 - Layout Tours - Part I






Jan./Feb.                          NMRA LSD Fall Meet - Layout Tours - Part II


March/April                      NMRA LSD Spring Meet - Part I


May/June                         NMRA LSD Spring Meet - Part II


July/August                     The NMRA Niagara Frontier Region -  Woodstock Turn Convention, 2009





Nov/Dec                      The NMRA NFL Lakeshores Division Fall Meet - Rochester, NY





Jan/Feb                            NMRA Lakeshores Division and Central New York Division Joint Meet


March/April                      The NMRA Lakeshores Division Meet - April 9, 2011 - B & H RR Day


May/June                         The NMRA Lakeshores Division Meet - April 9, 2011  - B & H RR Day  


Sept./Oct.                          NMRA Lakeshores Division Summer Picnic - Finger Lakes Railway


Nov./ Dec.                         NMRA LSD Fall Meet - Shortsville, NY - Lehigh Valley Day





May/June                           The NMRA Lakeshores Division Spring Meet - Victor, NY


July/August                      The Challenge - MMR Comments


Sept./ Oct.                          Lakeshores Division 2102 Summer Picnic, Museum of Transportation


Sept./Oct.                           LSD Meet - Medina RR Museum, September 29, 2012


Nov./Dec.                           LSD Meet - Medina RR Museum, Medina, NY









Ned Spiller, MMR  (also see DL & S R)   





Nov./Dec.                          Scene on a Model Railroad









N Y O & W R (also see Frank Smith )



May                                     Photo Gallery - Bill Schneider's NYO & W RR








 Oil Creek Rail Road Company





May                               OCRR News


August                         Cover - Reflections on Oil Creek; Model RR Updates - The OCRR


December                    Environmental Sounds on the OCRR; OCRR Expands  






September                   Cover - Oil fields on the OCRR






October                         Cover - Pioneer. PA on the OCRR - Oil Wells and Coal Mine


October                         Densmore Tank Car, Allegheny Transportation Company, Pioneer RR Bridge







January                          Cover - Treyz Chemical Works


January                          NRHS Presentation - Oil Creek Rail Road 1860 - 1868


February                        Cover - 4-4-0 Loco Stops for Photo Shoot on the Pioneer RR Bridge


March                              Supersage Trees, Large Trestle and Coal Mine on the OCRR


March                              Shooting Digital Images Using a Mirror - Allegheny Transportation Company


March                              Coal Mine, Densmore Oil Tank Car, and Miller Farm on the OCRR


June                                Cover - A Small Town in the Late 1800s - Shay & Log train; Coal Mine


June                                Oil Creek Logging & Mining RR - Inside the Coal Mine; Shay/Tunnel Portal; Lantern


July                                  Oil Derricks on the OCRR - Close-up Model Image and Information on Oil Derricks








February                         Cover - Oil Creek RR 4-4-0 at the Pioneer Bridge - Prototype Image Circa 1866


February                         Model of the Above Scene


February                         Pennsylvania Road Marker for the Densmore Oil Tank Cars


February                         Model of the Large Truss RR Bridge Over the Oil Creek


February                         Image of an Original OCRR Stock Certificate


February                         Prototype Image  -  4- 4- 0 Locomotive with Oil Barrels on Gondolas





November                 Video - see the Home Page of this website








Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad







March/April                     Cover - Alco S-2 #75 at Petroleum Centre, PA.      







Pageant of Steam




Sept/Oct                    Scenes from the Pageant of Steam - Canandaigua, NY - August 2010










Pete Darling Articles



April                                  Photo Gallery - The Rochester Model Railroad Club


December             A Model RR Club Chief Engineer's Trials and  Tribulations - Part I        





January                           A Model RR Club Chief Engineer's Trials and Tribulations - Conclusion






Pete Moffett Articles




April                           CARM - Model Association Formed in Canada







Peter Vassler Articles



December                  Scenes from the Model Railroad of Peter Vassler










Photos - How to Make Good Photos Better by Leaf Shutter





January                      Guideline No. 3 - The Rule of Thirds


February                    Guideline No. 4 - Background Objects 


March                         Guideline No. 5 - Lines


April                            Guideline No. 6 - Subjects in Motion


May                            Guideline No. 7 - Look to the Center


June                           Guideline No. 8 - Look to the Center - Part II


July                             Guideline No. 9 -  Near - Fars


August                        Guideline No. 10 -  Scenery with People


September                  Guideline No. 11 -  Subject Elevation


October                       Guideline No. 12 - Center of Interest


November                   Guideline No. 13 - Angle of View


December                   Guideline No. 14 - Harmony







Product Reviews




March                         Emmett Brannan's Cache Creek Scale Models Logging Cars


April                            Two Stall Brick Engine House by Richard Senges


May                            Building a Small Red barn by Leo Adamski


June                           The Howard Farm Barn by Leo Adamski - Part I


July                            The Howard Farm barn by Leo Adamski - Part II


November                   Mini Cut-Off Saw by Richard Senges






Rail Museums




May                             Rail Museums






Railroad Exploits of Jim Hutton




February                   Lionel Technology






Nov./Dec.                        Shepaug Valley Railroad Tunnel





Sept. Oct.                         Hutton's Post War Lionel Layout


Nov./Dec.                         New York and Harlem Railroad





Jan/Feb                      Jim Hutton's Post War Layout - The Wiring


July/August                 Harlem Valley Rail Trail - Millerton to Wassaic, NY





Jan/Feb                              Rail Trail Exploits - Ashutihook





Ray Howard Articles



April                                   The Care and Feeding of the Tortoise





March/April                       Scratch Built Lanterns






Rich Mohrmann Articles




Nov/Dec                            The Edgerton Model Railroads









Rich Blanchard Articles




October                       Scale Model Scenery











RIT Model Railroad Club





October                      RIT Fall Train Show & Sale





June                                  The RIT Club - Part I 


July                                   The RIT Club - Part II


August                             The RIT Club - Part III - Foreign Interchange, Train Shows, Club Cars






Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway




Jan./Feb.                            R & E RR Shelter in Victor, NY - The Building - by Harold Russell


March/April                        R & E RR Shelter in Victor, NY -  The Drawings  - by Harold Russell





R W & O RR




December                        R W & O RR - Part I -  Prologue; The Beginnings






January                            R W & O RR - Part 2 - Rome & Watertown RR; Northern RR                           


February                          R W & O RR - Part 3 - R W & O R; The Syracuse Northern; Lake Ontario Shore RR

March                               R W & O RR - Part 4 - D & W RR; U & BR RR


April                                  R W & O RR - Part 5 - Under Parsons; New Line to Rochester; The Vanderbilt's


May                                   R W & O RR - Part 6 - The New R W & O; Decline and Fall







Sam Pennise




Nov./Dec.               Building a New On30 Model Railroad








Sociology of Model Railroading, John Bruce





June                                Introduction


July                                 Swap Meets


August                            Train Shows


September                     E-mail Groups


October                          Modelers' Meets


November                      Model Railroad Clubs


December                      The NMRA






January                           Hobby Magazines - Part I


February                         Hobby Magazines - Part II







Steve Levine Articles




March                                 Steve Levine's N Scale Model Railroad











January                              Cedar Swamp Station    by Eccentric Rod


February                             Penn Yan Privy    by Dick Senges


March                                  How to Make Good Looking Structures - Fast    by Dick Senges








Tortoise Switch Machines





March                                  Ask Doctor Dick - Wiring and Installing Tortoise Switch Machines


April                                     The Care and Feeding of the Tortoise  - by Ray Howard 





March/April                          Fun with Tortoise (Turtles) and NCE Switch-Its  - by Dick Senges










Trees - How to Model in 1:87 Scale (also see Ask Doctor Dick)





August                            How to Improve Commercial Pine Trees






March                              How to Make Realistic Scratch Built Conifer Trees


April                                 How to Make Peppergrass Trees; "Learnings" from Making Peppergrass Trees


May                                  How to Make Good Looking Furnace-Filter Type Conifer Trees


June                                Improving the Appearance of Conifer Trees


August                            Forest in a Flash


September                     How to Make Scenic Express Supertrees by Bill Carl


December                      Pete Vassler's Model Railroad Conifer Trees






January                           The Forest Magic of Canyon Creek Scenics - How to Make Great Conifer Trees


March                               How to Make Scenic Express Supersage Trees


June                                  How to Glue Ground Foam to Tree Branches


April                                   Cover - Fall Peppergrass Trees on the Rochester Model Railroad Club Layout


July                                    Cover - Model Trees on the Layout of Matt Kovacic






Tuesday Night Gang




February                       Tuesday Night Gang's Philanthropy


July                               Say Goodbye to Phil Keogh


December                     The Coal Dust Boys Entertain the T N G










 Victor , NY




Sept./Oct.                        Inaugural Rail Festival, Victor, NY      


Nov./Dec.                        Speeder Parade in Victor, NY





Sept./Oct.                        Motor Cars (Speeders) in Victor, NY     












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